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Welcome! I’m Ben Williams, an advisor to founders and product/growth leaders of growth stage B2B startups, and a self-confessed geek around all things PLG, product management and leadership, building and scaling product and growth teams, and loop-based growth strategy and execution.

I write about and help companies with topics including

  • Defining and improving activation and engagement as inputs to better retention

  • Layering on a PLG motion to bring GTM efficiency to existing sales-led business

  • Establishing and scaling Product-Led Sales (PLS) to increase close rates and ACVs

  • Creating effective user onboarding to minimise time-to-value

  • Developing growth and/or product strategy

  • Identifying, documenting, standing up and quantifying growth loops

  • Building qualitative and quantitative growth models

  • Developing improved product and growth leadership muscle

  • Starting and scaling growth teams

  • Designing and implementing growth process

  • Implementing appropriate data and analytics infrastructure

  • Establishing experimentation (A/B, multivariate) programs

  • Selecting and implementing effective product & growth platforms & tools

  • Implementing product management process and best practice

  • Cultivating and coaching high-performing teams

Day to day I advise B2B companies to help them create sustainable, defensible growth.

I have a particular affinity with building for developers so I’ll often share content about - or use examples from - that domain.

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About Me

I’m a Product and Growth executive and strategic advisor to startups with 20+ years of experience as an operator building, nurturing and scaling high performing product and cross-functional growth teams to deliver strategic impact through sustainable, defensible growth.

My most recent operator roles were at:

Snyk, the cybersecurity unicorn where I led the product teams for all groups owning growth, education, and end to end developer experience through a multi-year period of > 160% YoY ARR growth, launching a fast growing multi-million dollar self-serve revenue channel, building out growth as a function from scratch, defining and quantifying a loop based growth strategy, implementing behavioural analytics and experimentation platforms, along with growth processes, and defining and operationalising Activation and Engagement State metrics. As I left Snyk, they were valued at $8.6 billion.

CloudBees, the DevOps unicorn where, as a member of the executive team, I owned Product and Growth, building and leading a team 40+ Product Managers and Product Designers across all product lines (CI, CD, Dev Analytics, Feature Flags, Build Acceleration) through a 3 year period of > 50% YoY ARR growth.

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